ways for mixing and mastering fast6. Hot keys.
It can seem to you a fast solution to hover your mouse over a menu button and to pick the necessary option, but these are the entire four movements at a time. Although key combinations seem to be a primitive choice, they can significantly speed up your work on a track while providing online song mixing and mastering so try to keep at least basic combinations in mind. Such functions as quantization, compilation of audio, looping of separate sections are only a small part of what you must know. Whenever you enter the menu to pick out an instrument you need, check whether there is this function in fast access and use it. Moreover, most of workstations allow you to create variations of hot keys and even macros (chains of key instructions) on your own. With their help you can mute all sounds which last less than a bar, for example.
how to speed up mastering services7. Have you sit down well?
Do you have a comfortable arm-chair in your studio? Can you have headphones on for hours on end without having a headache after that? Is everything within striking distance? Have monitors been placed properly? It’s easy to concentrate only on the internal work process, but if your mixing studio isn’t ergonomically and comfortably furnished, the productivity as well as your physical fitness will suffer.
8. Set aside some time to put things right.
Is your project going out of control? Are there too many tracks? Are you short of time for great deal of ideas and alternative arrangements? Do shut-off plugins take space only to let you return to the original equalizer settings?

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