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Now when music production stage is over and it’s time you sent the track to the professional online EDM mixing mastering studio, it’s worth pinpointing attention upon purely scientific perspective. So, you are ready for exporting finished audio track by track so that the online mixing and mastering engineer could give final sound to a song. Here, it’s vital to do the best of the possibilities of digital audio – export samples with 24 bit capacity what will give 144 dB of dynamics range and will allow the audioengineer to finely show the nuances of music dynamics especially as far as transients of drums are concerned. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the source audio is, the better the result will be at the output from the electronic music mixing studio. At present practically any DAW allows export music in diverse formats so do not get lazy and select appropriate resolution – 24 bit.

While sending a track to dance music mix and master services, make sure audio  has approximately 6–3 dB of loudness reserve. In comparison to 144 dB provided by 24 bit format, the set headroom is nothing but it will prevent it from possible clipping of single transients and will give the engineer some space for processing music.

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It is worth adding that the attempts to whomp up a masterpiece from unfitting samples of poor quality will fail. You will hardly manage to correct them by professional EDM mixing mastering online, you’d better select others or combine the sound from several ones (as in case with kick drum and snare). By the way, while building kick, engineers recommend paying attention to their polarity. It is important to prevent them from opposite phase – waveform of one grows up, whereas another one drops what will bring about sound distortion of a layered kick