electronic music mixing serviceDance music mixing is a slightly specific subject matter as it’s difficult to clearly separate production from mixing services by itself. These two stages are closely related, and although it’s commonly believed that many decisions are foremost associated with the work of an mixing distorted guitars, they are indeed in many respects performed by a producer.
In this article, we are trying to look at the process of the creation of a dance track from two sides – producer’s and audio engineer’s – and to figure out the differences of their work with regard to the creation of EDM songs.
1. The difference of approaches
If we speak about most of music styles, a producer, when he recruits a music studio engineer, expects at least a professional’s fresh look at a song. Then through processing and building song elements this engineer creates its new picture, depth and general impression on a listener. There’s seemingly no reason why he shouldn’t do the same in EDM tracks. But…While working with this genre, there’s always danger of interposing in the author’s main idea whereby breaking his cherished desire. So it’s worth making mixing of dance genre carefully keeping the main line specified by a music author.
It’s necessary to realize that if an element of a track, for instance, has extremely bright sounding, with probability of 99% did the producer want from audio services to make it like that. By the way, EDM songs in principle have a tendency to aggressively bright sounding. The reasons for it lie in a desire to make a song as loud as possible.

That is why there’s rule № 1 for you as an before and after mixing and mastering engineer: first of all to find out your online service client’s expectations, talk over the details of the project and your role in it whether your client expects your individual creative decisions or your role is strictly technical services to build a proper balance and to remove frequencies conflicts and that’s all.
Without it, the nearest several hours spent in your studio can turn out to be waste of time as the producer won’t share your vision of his song. Neither he nor you need it that’s why socialize and discuss details at the beginning. 
edm music online mix mastering2. Technical complexity of the style
I’ve already mentioned that there isn’t almost any fine line between creation and the creation of a mix in EDM music by itself. Before sending a project, your client spent a good deal of hours on selecting sounds and pre-processing them. An experienced producer has already taken care of making a track as wide and deep as possible, give punchiness to it and other qualities of a perfectly made tune. In fact, you’ll get an 85% ready-made song and 15% of the way left you’ll have to go what will require a great deal of mixing mastering experience and fine sensation of nuances. Having these you'll be able to achieve sound like in our professional mixing services demos.
There isn’t any universal solution to this task except the only one – permanent practice. If you really intend succeeding in electronic music mastering and mixing, do not be too lazy to download some multitracks and get on with it! EDM is a pretty multifaceted genre, and any experience will do you good and will help to avoid a lot of troubles during the work on your future projects.

3. EDM challenges 
Everything you know about “good” from a classical standpoint, “correct” sound in dance genre is foremost inapplicable, “flat” and unexciting. Any mockery of a sound the rock mixing mastering engineers are used to trying to avoid is the basic, the very essence of a style in EDM music mixing. Most of mixes here are squashed, overcompressed, and clipping is widely used as the method of complementary audio coloration. As a matter of fact, the process requires from you as an online audio services engineer to simply expand comprehension horizons of what good sounding is like. And then your studio may release a new masterpiece. 
edm online mix and master service4. EDM is an actively developing genre
Dance genre is the most actively developing style. EDM producers are constantly keeping up with modern trends and tendencies – no, it doesn’t definitely mean that they use absolutely all of them but they try to stay up-to-date. The number of sub-genres is simply hugeand all of them permanently alter by flowing into each other and creating new movements with the array of small specific features which allow you to speak about the birth of new regular genre of multiple sub-genres of dance music.
And if you indeed intend presenting yourself as an electronic music mixing and mastering engineer, while getting down to the work on a new project, try to find out as much as possible about its style and songs by which the author got inspired when he was composing this tune. It will also be a good solution to single out some reference tracks before setting about the work. If you liked the article please learn our professional mixing services prices.