eqing in music mastering servicesStep 5: Q detailed

Since a considerable intervention in track balance isn’t the goal of mixing, the music value of unreasonable frequency peaks is close to zero. It means that a audio mixingengineer should work with small values of enhancing and attenuating and wide bands, in other words, with small values of Q parameters. It will allow you to make changes at once in groups of instruments included in equalization. This approach is preferable in mixing services as it gives the maximum of transparency and lets you achieve a lot more cohesion of song elements only by emphasizing the main music idea.

Step 6: Low cut filtering

mix online with equalizerThis is a super important step in equalization about which beginners forget. No matter how perfect an acoustic system is, even in the largest out of them the frequencies in the region of 30 Hz and lower are a weak spot where music loses its legibility and energy. As for most of near-field and even mid-field speakers, this spot displaces up to 40 Hz and higher. Along with the particularity of our hearing in the range of low frequencies it is highly recommended to filter sub-harmonics lower 30 Hz during audio mixing services, in extreme cases from 25 Hz and lower if you reckon that in this way the result will be more musical.

The energy of low frequencies is huge and fades out a lot more slowly than others. It can affect dynamic processing of a track – even if, personally, you can’t hear anything like that. Unnecessary splashes of sub-frequencies will affect subsequent processors in a processing chain and cause distortions. Herein this mix element brings only mud and illegible humming for our ear. On disposing of it at professional online music mixing with EQ, the result sound will only benefit.