loud rap sound masteringSo, you have completed the work at a new hip-hop track – the song has been arranged and recorded, and now you just need to bring it to perfection and release it. While getting down to work, some tips you can follow won’t be superfluous to you.
1.Rap and hip-hop are such styles in which some carelessness and the absence of “lacquer” studio sound aren’t considered a fault, but are even encouraged as well. That is why the search for mid side mixing techniques which have work experience in this style is getting particularly important to your success as a rising hip-hop star.

As for vocal, it’s the most important element in rap music so it should be placed as near to a listener as possible. No washy reverberation! Vocal should sound just in face and not be blurred by other sounds. If any of instruments conflict with vocal because of a place in a mix, it should be equalized in such a way that it will be put on the background, and the advantage will be given to the voice.
loud hip-hop mixing and mastering service2. Another distinctive feature of the hip-hop style is a large and fat bottom end, and it can turn out to be a major issue for unsigned artists who prefer affordable to professional studios. The low part of the spectrum is quite complicated to deal with as it has enormous energy and weight and requires appropriate equipment, and the most important thing is sound engineer’s experience to make it take a proper place. In order to avoid limiter’s overload on master bus, it is bound to use sidechain compression for massive bass sounds which often sound along with hard kick. If you don’t set about it initially, no mixing studio even the best one will solve problems of clipping as well as overload of a final track with low frequencies. 

To check these tips in action please listen my mixing mastering before and after examples.