Receptions to Improve audio studio mixingThere are some simple and useful methods during the process of music mixing, which will help you improve the sound composition significantly. Of course, the final word is always with a musician himself and a sound producer, but some helping from the technology’s world will do no harm exactly.
The Spectrum Analysis
A bass drum (kick) and bass line are a fundamental part of any track in the most styles of electronic dance music. The problem is that the drum and bass are located in the close frequency bands. The result is that their frequencies will begin to clash with each other eventually that will lead to the problems both at a step of mixing and song’s mastering.
ways to improve audio mixing and mastering servicesIn fact, this situation is true practically for all styles of music, not only electronic’, so that we will ask rock and metal’s fans to stay with us et seq. We all know about the popular reception of rap vocal mixing with the cutting out of frequencies in the sub lows’ vicinity and EQ bass so that it makes "flowed around" sound of the bass drum. The problem of the popular and undoubtedly effective reception implies that short-duration failure will be difficult to hear without using of high-quality near-field monitors. So what do you do in this situation? Take refuge in a spectrum analyzer.
We say at once that the spectrum analyzer is not exactly a panacea and universal solution, but using it will help to "see" what our ears cannot hear. 

You can hear these tips in action in my demos of professional online mixing services work.