receptions to improve mixing mastering studioEven if the monitors / headphones in your affordable mixing and mastering services are far from required quality, this method will work. The 100Hz mark – it is a point where there should be nothing superfluous.
It is necessary to begin the process of cleaning the mix after identifying redundant instruments in this frequency band. Cut the lower frequency at all the instruments by the equalizer, which fits into the 100Hz vicinity, until you are satisfied with the result. Ultimately, freeing this vicinity from the other instruments’ musical mud, we will give more space to the bass drum. Moreover, this, in turn, will avoid the problems mentioned during reviewing the spectral analyzer.
NOTE: Although all that was written above, having a small bleeding of other instruments into the 100Hz vicinity ─ not always terrible, mortally and ultimate. First, believe your own ears, personal experience and only then to all other technical instruments. + Bleeding is beneficial sometimes to the sound in the upper lows of sounding, so it is not receptions to improve professional mixingnecessary to clean everything without remainder with the maniac’s tenacity that is in the 100Hz vicinity. Sterility is not the best option as well.
It is causing greater attention to be paid to density and pulsation of the rhythm-section in the music style of techno ─ bass and drum must "swing" all and sundry, set a tight rhythm and almost "flabbergast" a listener. Most producers and sound designers, who engaged in modern music mixing, prefer to build the process of composition’s mixing around the bass drum: all other track’s elements are panned and located on the volume level with caution on the drum.

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