professional mixing music for more depthThis isn’t an easy task to achieve the depth of music sounding with reverberation, an equalizer, delay and other effects.
In real life, we hear any sound in three dimensions, and, although stereo allows you to transmit the position of audio sources from left to right quite convincingly, the simulation of real space “in depth” requires certain experience and developed spatial intelligence from audio mixing mastering engineer. It’s worth starting to study music mixing art with simple observation of ambient sounds so that then during mixing you could properly transmit your sensations you experience when the source is moving away from you.
So how do we feel which signal closer to us and which farther from us is?
professional audio mixing to increase depth of soundIt’s obvious that close sounds must be louder than those which are farther, there aren’t any problems about it, but there are some other factors that are impossible to transmit only with a volume control. This article will concern these factors.
An equalizer to transmit distance
If you want to place a vocal or an instrument in the background of a mix, studio engineer should not only diminish it, but also slightly remove some high frequencies to emulate the effect of high frequency air absorption.
You can also slightly remove low frequencies in the 150–200 Hz region to enhance remoteness effect. If the instrument is being recorded live, it makes sense to increase the distance between an instrument and a microphone during recording. It will also enhance remoteness effect and gives necessary coloration before sending to music mixing studio. Please hear for yourself in demos of mixing mastering work available on the website.