choosing speakers for pro music mixingUnfortunately, exaggerated bass usually points to the bad sound quality on these frequencies. This mostly applies to monitors in low and medium price range which makes them inappropriate for use at CD mastering. Their bass is weak, dense and badly articulated. Such monitors are not suitable for mixing and mastering prices.
Listen to the combined sound of a snare drum and a bass guitar. The dynamic bass sound of a drum should be perceptible behind the bass guitar melody. Drum sound must be rhythmic and shouldn’t be late relatively to the bass guitar. Equipping your studio with such monitor will definitely help in your online mixing service promotion.
If monitors are not reproducing the rhythm powerfully enough, the sound will be withered and even slow to ear.
Some monitor models (mostly cheap, but not always) feature a particularly irritating coloring of medium frequencies. Even nowadays monitors with colored sound are not rare. They are choosing speakers for online mastering studiocharacterized by specific voice part sounding, which resembles a voice of a person speaking through folded palms. Nasal sounds and emphasis on some vowels are also common.
Another common thing is a small lift in this range, which is characterized by ringing metallic piano sound.
A quality studio speaker plays voice parts clearly and audibly. While listening to them, you get the feeling that they exist separately from the acoustic systems.
If there are any problems in playing middle frequencies, it will be harder to perceive music the right way. It may seem that sound comes from the devices’ casings instead of forming in surrounding space. 

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