the use of mid side techniques in mix studioEach of the windows of this plugin has Mid-Side option which allows the engineer of the online music mixing and mastering to manipulate mono and stereo signal independently.
If you need a coder/decoder, the plugin Voxengo “MSED” will suit you.
Mid-Side mastering
The proportion changes of mono and stereo channel levels is the most often used on mixing. As a much more practical example can the work with lead and background vocals be given. The lead vocal is placed into mono, and the background one – into stereo. If the level of the lead vocal sound is too high as compared to background, you can correct it by changing the proportion of sound levels. Plugin Brainworx allows you to set the proportion of sound levels for each frequency range separately. Mid-Side equalization is also quite functional. Unlike standard equalization, mixing engineer can process mono and stereo channels independently.
professional audio mastering with mid side techniquesAnother example is the use of high frequency filters which remove low ends from a stereo signal so that you can be sure that all very low frequencies in your composition are placed deadly centered. Mid-Side compression is quite a new occurrence in the sound procession field. Brainworx ‘bx_dynEQ’ is a fairly good instrument in this field. With the help of this plugin you can not only compress separate frequency ranges (a multiband compressor), but also process stereo and mono channels separately what is especially interesting while emphasizing a bass drum part and bass line. The example of this technique you can hear in my mixing mastering examples.