monitors arrangement in music studioWhen you arrange monitors in your mixing hip hop beats, you should strive for achieving two results: the smoothest possible Frequency Response Function and the best playback of a stereo picture.
Even if you have good monitors, you should always take the influence of the room into account. And believe me, it’s by far more effectively to get down to acoustics of the room and proper monitor arrangement rather than pay double for new monitors.
This article deals with basic principles you should follow while setting up monitors in your studio.
1. The symmetry of the walls behind monitors and on each side of the monitors is quite important. Less significant is the circumambiency next to the sound engineer. The opinion about the symmetry of back and front doors is controversial. However, most experts will confirm that the wall behind the sound engineer should have good sound-proof properties and the tips for monitors arrangement in mixing and mastering servicesabsence of parallelism of its position towards the front door to avoid the appearance of standing waves.
Professional engineers recommend damping the entire area around monitors to reduce reflections at most to get sound quality similar to followed examples of music mixing work. It’s worth remarking that damping of side walls only in front of monitors is important to minimize reflections from side walls.
The symmetry between monitors and around them will lead to better playback of a stereo picture. In other words, when monitors have been arranged unsymmetrically, the difference between reflections from the back door near the first monitor and reflections near the second one will be noticeable. It will lead to distorted perception of a stereo signal while mixing and mastering.