best monitors position for music mixing mastering2. The sound engineer must be exactly in the middle between monitors, and the distance to his head must be equal to the distance between monitors. This rule is also called “the rule of an equiangular triangle”. When the distance between monitors and the audio mixing tricks engineer is too long, the acoustics of the room will affect the sound to a greater degree and along with this especially midand high frequencies. And when the distance is too short, the sound won’t be in time to transform into an aggregate sound picture.
3. When you work with dual band monitors, the position of ears heightwise should be on a conditional line between LF and HFspeaker, and when three band monitors are used – on the line between MF and HF speaker.
If you place monitors too low or, on the contrary, too high towards your ears, you take a risk of getting distorted FRF.
placing monitors at mastering serviceOn the whole the height is one of the most crucial factors when you set up monitors in your studio. Only after you have chosen the right height through an experiment, you can estimate properly the sound of the audio material played back by monitors. It’s also fair to say that it’s very important to fix monitors securely. Secure fixing of monitors will bring about getting accurate sound focusing, especially at high loudness.
4. Diffusion and absorption of the sound in the room of a playback session has a significant impact on fair play of the monitor sound and as consequence on the quality of the services rendered by professional mixing studio.
The bulk of sound waves are reflected in a random way. The sound is diffused by hard and curved surfaces whereas soft and spongy surfaces, on the contrary, absorb it. For help with songs you work on please learn for yourself our professional mixing and mastering prices.