saturation tips for online mastering musicStep 2. Saturation of the percussions
Saturation can be used with any combination of instruments; however, it guarantees a real effect on specific things, for instance, on drums and percussive sounds.
Magnificent performance of percussion part which was recorded through a preamp into 24 beat DAW can sound good, but sometimes the mix needs “power” and “grain”: saturation can work without coloring and changing the source part to a great extent.
The working principle of the most part of plugins is fairly simple and widely used during mixing rap. As soon as you grasp the core of the saturation process, you’ll realize when, where and how far you should use it. Any kind of saturation adds harmonics to the sound. Besides, it boosts the level of loudness to the level of natural compression. The complex of these effects allows you to make the sound much fatter and warmer. As a result, you’ll have a feeling kind of analog sound.
audio mixing online with saturationStep 3. Heating up synthesizers’ part
Another excellent technique of use of saturation plugins during mixing and mastering is their appliance to a synthesizer part. Sounding of virtual instruments can be approximated in quality to real analog devices by adding natural warmth for which “iron” equipment is famous. In skillful hands of an music mixing engineer who can use saturation properly any sound, even “plastic” synthesized, can revive and even have “retro” sounding - like in available on the website examples of professional mixing and mastering.