saturation in online audio mixing and masteringStep 4. Use on vocals
What a wonder, but saturation even in vast numbers can be used as a creative technique on vocals. It’s fairly washy notion what it’s good and what it’s bad at mixing audio tips. What is considered defective in most cases sometimes can be the spice of this exact mix. Saturation with great value of Drive which interferes with peaks of a vocal track will perfectly fit in a contemporary pop or rock song. If you don’t have a goal to get audible overload on vocals, it’ll be enough to add a distorted sound to a clear source signal – vocals will at once stand out noticeably against the background of a common mix whereas you have saturated vocals with harmonics.
Step 5. Saturation at the stage of mastering
Fairly often saturation is used by mixing and mastering engineers on master bus in a mix. It can add an effect of analog sound to the entire mix and professional mixing mastering with saturationmislead even the most captious ears by inclining them to think that hardware equipment might have been used.
Among many plugins of this kind, I like PSP Vintage Warmer most of all. While socializing with many studio engineers, I’ve found out that it’s a wonderful instrument which they often use for limiting and compression of master bus. 
In comparison with a simple saturator, much more options have been implemented in Vintage Warmer. It allows you to squeeze as well as limit, and it also guarantees the effect of a tape. It’s even equipped with functions of primitive equalization – all as it used to be at the dawn of recording technologies. 

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