home made professional masteringWork with a stereo file

 So, after the overall picture of the album has been built up in compliance with the music producer’s idea and the label, at last the mixing engineer gets involved into detailed processing of each track while an audio is going through some basic stages. Let’s introduce them.

Noise removal

This stage is largely characteristic for online music mixing and mastering оf old music records as audio before the digital age would often bristle with noises, clicks and pops due to repeated transfer of material from a carrier to another one. These artifacts should have been removed before the professional online mixing services engineer will get absorbed in further audio processing. Noise suppression plugins, built-in Adobe Audition processing and the most developed sound restoration system iZotope RX 5 recognized by many engineers as the best complex remedy for audio artifacts – all this will help here out.

mix and master music at home Surgical EQ

Low end filtration for the removal of an unnecessary Sub element which doesn’t contain any music information but only overloads audio systems is considered to be quite a standard step during home audio mixing and mastering. The professionalengineer can also apply fine equalization with extremely narrow bands to remove annoying resonances.


Compression is another but isn’t necessarily subsequent stage. Here, both dynamics control of separate frequency bands and compression for the sake of more loudness are available for the audio mixing mastering services  engineer. Quite often is serial compression with gain reduction of every next compressor around 1–3 dB applied. This processing allows the mixing mastering  engineer not only to achieve more subjective loudness of music but also to preserve transparency of compression.