mix music onlineFirst of all a bus compressor is aimed at adding homogeneity to the final track. Its purpose is also to “glue together” separated instruments of a song as a whole. Even if the mastering service engineer has done his best to add some cohesion into a song at the mixing stage, bus compression applied carefully can emphasize the effect a lot more. It will level the song dynamics so that the difference between the quietest and the loudest parts will be less noticeable. To suppress excessive peaks is also important as it can play a positive role during future processing by allowing the next dynamic processors work more smoothly. Such approach is called serial (or batch) compression and used pretty often by audio mixing and mastering services engineers.

What else is it necessary to take into account when you’re choosing any hardware or VST processor model? It’s the way the compressor affects sound character and tone. If possible, the mixing mastering studio should be equipped with different kinds of such devices to be capable to maintain the most flexibility of workflow. 

online dance music mastering2. A wide choice

Each engineer chooses the kind of a compressor needed for a master bus for his own reasons. Today there is a great variety of either hardware or program emulations of vintage equipment available for every studio. Every year the quality of their character is growing. But it’s quite difficult to measure the device characteristics in all modes so that in the future they can be turned into a digital code transmitting details of the progenitor’s work flexibly and accurately. The choice of the particular model is getting crucial for most mastering engineers. For more help please learn for yourself our mixing mastering services rates.