online audio mixing mastering services Audio Engineer's pitfallsTo Rely On Mixing & Mastering
While Ignoring The Quality Of Source Audio Material
This pitfall is actual not only for sound supervisors, but for musicians, recording engineers and arrangers.
The low-quality bass or voice wouldn’t sound great by means of mixing.
It’s impossible to correct failures in arrangement even with online mixing mastering services. You may only clean unnecessary instrumental/vocal/choir parts.
The final result is quite predictable, and you shouldn’t blame the sound supervisor for that.

Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. Do not confuse it with «sound processing with effects»
I heard a lot of tracks spoiled with sound processing.
online mixing and mastering music services Audio Engineer's mistakesThe more I am occupied in sound mixing engineers work the more I see that a high quality sound depends on rational use of audio processing.
In many cases you can manage only with simple HPF/LFP equalization or source signals' level/ panoramic position’s manipulation to produce a mix, without spoiling its natural tone.
Sometimes to get an appropriate sound you need make its processing for hundred times. But the final result is worth it.
If you see something controversial in it, I would repeat once again: not quantity but quality.
The most important is to understand how to use the sound/audio processing efficiently. Be goal-oriented professionals!