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One of the popular approaches in the Heavy Rock genres moves the vocals out of the spotlight. Instead, priority is given primarily to the guitars and snare, which play a key role. This trend is so strong that in the early 90-s you could barely hear the lyrics in some of the songs.

Of course, it’s not a call for an action, as the balance of vocals in the song can change in different parts, based on the edm mixing and mastering services engineer's plan. For example, the verses can be given to the vocals and the chorus can be occupied by the guitars (with additional layers for filling the overall pattern) and the driving beat.

One way or another, you as an engineer need to decide which of the elements plays a key role, so you can build the mix sound on this basis. Forget about the “solo” button on the LV stem – this approach will lead you to no good. Any processing decisions have to be made only in the context of the entire song, where the vocals are not the star of the show, and the priority is given to the guitar sound. The Pop and Hip-Hop music, on the other hand, follows a completely opposite rule – the music mixing studio has to make the voice as “shiny” as possible and make it a center of the song with other instruments revolving around it.  If you need more detailed help on the subject please check our mixing mastering services prices.

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This aspect is probably the hardest one, so it’s almost impossible to give recommendations for every occasion. Let’s look at some general approaches, which you should use at the mixing. Our assumption is that the vocals in the track will have to coexist smoothly with a rich guitar sound and punchy drums.