dynamic equalization at mastering songsWhen composing electronic music, sound producers and audio engineers often use dynamic sound processing devices: compressors, gates, multiband devices and so on. Today the use of processors for dynamic equalization is not uncommon as well. Dynamic equalization includes simultaneous use of equalizer and compressor functions.
In the process of usual equalization when hip hop mixing and mastering you pick out the desired frequency, adjust the bandwidth and necessary reinforcement or attenuation. Therefore, you process only a certain frequency range of the exact value in dB. In the process of dynamic equalization reinforcement and attenuation of the selected range are not the same within different periods of time. It depends on the signal level of the picked out frequency band at a particular moment. Dynamic equalizers are adjusted in such a way that the signal of certain frequency will be attenuating only in case its level exceedsmix online the specified threshold. The higher the signal level of the selected frequency, the stronger its attenuation.
It can therefore be concluded that dynamic equalizers are capable of balancing the signal level of a certain frequency band. Everything is also true for boosting the selected frequency band. However, you should take into account distinctive features of different plugins.
For example, during the exceedence of the threshold the signal in Voxengo GlissEQ equalizer is strengthening whereas the signal in TDR Nova plugin is reducing.