mixing music online as the artWe live in the era of computer technology. Many labor-intensive processes, which used to take a lot of time and require many expensive devices, can now be performed at home. Mixing songs is no longer restricted to the elite. For example, many producers don’t even resort to rap mixing when they work with dance music as well as with many other genres of electronic music. Instead, they do everything they need at home. The studios used to resemble spaceships with all those expensive gadgets, each of which could only do a single job. Nowadays the image of such a studio gradually passes into history. The lovers of analog devices still exist, but not everyone can afford them, so many modern studios actively use plugins instead of hardware that costs a pretty penny. But the main thing is not hardware or software, as their quality nowadays is above all praise. What matters is the knowledge and experience of the person who uses it.

online mastering audio as the artCreativity before everything else!

Let me remind you that sound mixing is a creative process. There are no strict rules or regulations. Quite the opposite, any experiments are encouraged, as they can lead to an unexpected result. A good result is preferred, of course. However, experimental spirit will only get you so far. Your own experience is useful, but you can also save both time and energy by learning from other people’s mistakes. The information given below is a result of the objective experience accumulated through years and generations. It is something that can be used as a starting point for a search of the new sound.

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