mastering cd as the artTo be precise, the lack of acoustics in the car interior, the familiar sound of car speakers, the unwanted noises, and simply change of scene – all these factors will prevent you from making mistakes in balance while providing mixing services, especially if the problem is the amount of vocal or bass. You will be able to hear all inaudible dips and excessive peaks of every part.

A recording studio

Systems that use an isolated subwoofer should have an opportunity of using just this subwoofer for listening. It’s especially important if you work with dance music. In this case, the bass drum should be the main instrument of the bottom end and no other instrument should interfere with it, including the bass.

the art of  professional mixing servicesApart from the acoustic characteristics, selecting the format is also important while choosing the mixing studio. Earlier this problem didn’t exist, as only mono was available, but nowadays there’s a great deal of choice. Stereo, 5.1, or something else? The preferable format depends on where the recorded material will be used. If it’s a particular TV channel that broadcasts only in mono, then you should mix in mono as well to avoid surprises on air. This is something you should warn your sound mixing engineer about. On the other hand, if the music will be widely used, then stereo will be reasonable. If we are talking about an advertisement or a movie soundtrack, then you should consult your client and ask if he needs mixing in 5.1 or any other format. 

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