equalization mix and mastering servicesThe essence of equalization

Let’s make a proviso at once in order not to pull the wool over mixing and mastering services beginners’ eyes – equalization isn’t able to change a sound drastically, moreover, it’s not its task either. It’s not also worth hoping for it as the way to rectify production errors while working in a studio. We have already said about it quite much. Let’s look into what to expect from it in mixing and mastering online. To begin with, you should realize that every sound, for instance, bass or hat consists of wide frequency spectrum, and there will be practically similar frequencies present in these both extreme cases. But in different proportions! And what is good for one instrument can contain no music information for another one. While mixing with an equalizer, it’s possible to remove this “garbage” and to show genuine sounding of an instrument. So, we’re coming back to the concept “remove excessive stuff” again. The work on a song really equalizer at mastering tracks onlineoften starts exactly with it – the professional online audio mixing mastering services  engineer cuts off Sub element of all instruments except bass with a high-pass filter. In fact, only it has fat low harmonics – for the other sounds, they are noise that masks genuine sounding. Let’s move higher along the spectrum – absolutely all instruments have low and mid overtones in their spectrum. Yet only the engineer’s experience allows us to specify whether we want to leave them by emphasizing the base or we will mercilessly get rid of them. It will be helpful to study the information on spectral structure of main instruments – tables of this kind are highly recommended for beginners and are easy to find in the Internet. Apart from bare figures, you will find out which frequencies are responsible for Warmth, Crunch and Edge in one or another instrument – trust me, all online mastering services with eq started with such tables.