equalizer at music mastering serviceBefore we sort out these strategies in detail, I’d like to give some recommendations on the use of equalization in professional online mixing and mastering audio services. While following them, you will avoid unnecessary mistakes (of course, you won’t manage to avoid all the errors as art is the way of quests and experiments) and save hundreds of hours you could have spent in the studio in search of perfect sounding. 

  1. Beginners would rather start with moderate values – let cutting/boosting in the area around 3 dB become a starting point. If the instruments have been picked out correctly, more drastic measures won’t be necessary. It has been proved by best online mixing service engineers' experience .
  2. This item overlaps the previous one very much – see about as good as possible selection of sounding during recording without hoping entirely for the following mixing and mastering. If the instrument has been recorded badly or without taking into account its role in the song, many hours of EQ setting selection will expect you... and anyway, it will end up with an unsatisfactory result. eqing on mastering music online
  3. Begin instrument mixing with cutting off the unnecessary stuff. I most cases it has better effect and much purer audio sounding.
  4. Do not do anything for any reason, only due to that you have to do it. The professional musicengineer always knows what he wants to achieve with equalization. If the track sounds in a balanced way for you, let it remain like that.
  5. Process each sound within the context of the whole song. The task of mixing and mastering with EQ is indeed to achieve harmonious sounding of ALL instruments. When a solo sounds well, it can hardly blend in with overall sounding.
  6. Use filters easily by cutting off all you don’t need. For what are there frequencies below 200 Hz for a guitar if there is bass? And the bass doesn’t need high-end when there are guitars. Cut them off and you will come up to a professional engineer level one step more