mixing mastering onlineThose who have been working in music industry for several years are very familiar with the term “Loudness War”. This concept has recently become obsessive despite active protests and many arguments against it expressed by song mixing service engineers. The basic idea is simple – something that is louder seems greater to the listener and makes a bigger emotional impression on the human ear. That’s why music producers literally rain down the powerful sound on us, as it rushes from the speakers from all sides. And the nightclubs have made a practice of keeping the volume faders at maximum to shake the walls and to make the visitors’ chests vibrate.

stem mastering onlineHowever, despite all these trends in the music production industry, there are objective technical limitations on the volume of the track created during mixing. As the hardware isn’t able to exceed those limitations, the producers are now trying to reach the maximum subjective perceived loudness of the track. There are several known ways to “crank up” the volume of your track. They are no secret at all, but the intended effect will be accompanied by some rather unpleasant consequences, which can ruin the final sound of the track. This article will tell you about pros and cons of different approaches. You will also learn why you shouldn’t make the mixing engineer push the volume limits of the hip-hop track you sent to the studio, despite the loudness war demands.

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