mixing and mastering hip-hop loud3. Louder sound is mellow sound

If the volume fader is already cranked up, the compression is already applied, but you still need to make the sound louder, then filling it with frequency content may be your way out.

Those who have been providing edm mixing tips for several years know that there is no sound louder that the white noise, which contains all possible harmonics played almost at the same volume. The natural sound of any instrument contains these harmonics as well, but their balance is completely different. As a result, during compression, the distortion fills the instrument sound with the “bulging” harmonics and gradually brings its characteristics closer to the white noise.

rap and hip-hop music loud masteringThat’s why distortion is another way to increase the volume during at mixing. It adds some temper to the sound, fills it with additional harmonics and sometimes literally revitalizes a boring sound. It really becomes indispensable in mixing hip-hop music, where a certain degree of roughness and asperity of the sound is encouraged. Hip-hop sound isn’t normally smooth, so distortion is a great way to add some carelessness to the sound, which is typical for this genre. And the second advantage, as we remember, is an increase in the volume of the mix elements. However, this method should be used wisely by all engineers, as the excessive distortion can become annoying and irritating for the listener. And we want our track to attract the listeners rather than scare them with unnecessary distortion and constant buzz at every kick and bass hit. It couldn’t be any worse! 

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