hip-hop mix servicesConclusion

Despite the fact that loudness war has become the norm in music industry, which has been supported in almost every mixing vocals tips for several decades, I would still give priority to the melodiousness and quality of the sound, rather than its quantity. I strongly believe that the final listener has the right to decide how loud his favorite song should be, and make a choice by simply turning the volume knob. If the track was overcompressed in the attempt to achieve an insanely high level of volume, the resulting distortion can’t be fixed. The mixing engineers should remember that people who dance in the nightclubs ask the DJ for new tracks because they like the music and the inspiration he added to the sound. They don’t enjoy the music simply because it’s loud. And if the idea of maximum volume by means of compression and distortion goes rap mixing servicesagainst the music itself, I would definitely choose lower volume and original quality. Besides that, music and sound are subjective, and the studio clients often simply want their track to sound as loud as the new song of their idol, regardless of the details. That’s why loudness war simply turns into an imitation of the leader, without any specific music goal. On the other hand, if we give up just a couple of decibels, we will get a punchy track that sounds more natural and has a more interesting and richer low end as well as a magnificent groove. Don’t you think that should be the main goal of hip-hop mixing and mastering? :) For help with projects you have please check our affordable mixing services prices.