professional mixing and mastering2. Clean up the Top End

Alike as lows opposite hand of frequencies range claims for cleaning up as well. Making mixing for a song engineer often Low Passes audio underneath 10kHz. No one prevents you of doing that right away. Thereby the saw lead won't hurt your ears at online mixing and mastering with redundantly sparkly highs if filtered. Track's sound will get more comfortable in overall and thus you'll prepare space for percussion in music. The same procedure will have to get carried out at online mixing and mastering services on synth Lead. You will be surprised how much clearer your music will sound after these quite simple steps accomplished. What amazes even more - eventually this kind of mixing allows to achieve even more music brightness. Getting rid of some audio unnecessary, sharp overtones engineer stocks up for brightness increasing at mastering stage. Keeping clarity and audition comfort at the same time!

professional mixing and mastering services3. Check the phase

Since layered kicks are used in EDM music pretty often before sending the track to professional music mixing studio make sure all layers are in phase. If that's so - then they will work together really good and won't cause issue at mixing. It's quite easy to make sure the layers are in phase. Drag and drop any plugin equipped with "polarity inversion" option and invert one of the Kick's layer. If bass drum overall sound got hollow and weak - that means the phase was right initially. If opposites - the Kick has got more energy, that means phase is fixed now. Many engineers preparing EDM tracks to online mixing and mastering use advanced plugins for this job - such as SoundRadix Auto-Align. Intuitive interface and convenient operation make the process exceptionally comfortable.