advices for mixing services engineersThere is a common mistake of placing instruments in the same tessitura, where they interfere with each other. Of course, you can spend a lot of time in the mixing & mastering electronic dance music (edm) shaping sound, but there are at least three ways to prevent this sort of situation:

- move one of the sounds to another octave
- change spectrum and dynamics for one of the instruments
- remove one of the instruments

The third way is preferable nine times out of ten.

Improving audibility of instruments and achieving record density is possible with the help of dynamics sound processing on mixing and mastering. For example, highlighting a guitar or synthesizer attack, you advices for better master music onlinewill preserve this instrument’s audibility without disturbing other parts. Step by step, analyzing and editing instruments one by one, you will achieve the necessary density and transparency of the record. This recommendation applies to almost all music genres - whether you are mixing EDM music or Hip-Hop.
Spatial processing
Even beginner audio mixing and mastering music services  engineers know how to achieve surround sound. However, the difficult part is to accomplish this without losing transparency and density of the record. In this case, you have to determine which parts and instruments are close to the listener and which ones are far; which instruments will sound widely and which ones will be point-like sources of sound. All these factors are a matter of taste, style knowledge and expertise. But let’s note some critical points. The level of reflected signal can’t be higher than the level of source sound (provided the source sound is directed towards the listener).
In order to put an object further, adding reverberation is not enough, you have to change its spectrum. The closer is the instrument, the richer it sounds and the further it is, the duller is its sound.