how to use compression in stem mastering onlineBut it doesn’t mean that all instruments need to be compressed.
Compression is one of the most important stages of sound mixing. If a compressor is configured properly, it will give the track some additional dynamics and “groove”, “density” and “brightness”.
Though indispensable, a compressor may also easily spoil the sound. A badly configured compressor will make the instrument sound “empty” and “lifeless” or make it “floating” and “dim”. If a music mixing and mastering studio engineer of the online music mixing made mistakes when configuring dynamic processing, the finalizing will kill the dynamics of the song.

Adjusting main parameters
how to use compression at mix master onlineThe main difficulty in adjusting the compressor parameters is that all of them are connected, so changes in one of the parameters will have an impact on the other ones. When you adjust one of the parameters, try to change the other ones, and maybe the new value will be more suitable.

Threshold – if a threshold is set too high, the sound won’t be processed sufficiently. If this parameter is too low, several outcomes are possible. First, the process may influence the sounds that didn’t need to be compressed. Second, the whole signal may become compressed. And finally, the signal may simply become obtuse. Threshold is usually set before everything else and the other parameters are adjusted only after that. Try to alter the threshold after parameter presetting, as excessive compression can happen because of the low threshold, rather than high ratio or other parameters. For more details please check our mixing services demos.