tips for compression in professional mixing studioAfter restoring the volume, the mixing engineer should listen to the result and compare it with the original, uncompressed sound, which is done by turning the device on and off several times with a “bypass” button. After that, you can adjust the parameters more precisely.

Additional functions of the compressors
Automatic mode
Some rap mixing and mastering services have compressors, which have a function that automatically controls the release time. This feature dispenses you from the necessity of manually adjusting it (completely or partially), which is especially useful for beginner musicians. It can ensure a uniform compression of different parts of the signal. The release time mastering beats with compressionchanges depending on the source signal and the principle of change can be different in various compressor models, but there is one universal concept. The release time decreases on dynamic parts of the signal with many peaks, and increases when the dynamics of the source signal lowers.
Also, there are compressors that adjust the attack time automatically. Such a compressor decreases the attack time on more dynamic parts of the signal and increases it when the dynamics of the source material lowers.
The automatic mode makes it easy to work with the material that has different dynamics in different parts. However, with all the convenience, the audio mixing professional engineer loses control of the signal. The automatic mode may not always properly react to signal peaks, it can suppress the attack of the instrument, which you’d like to keep, or it can insufficiently compress the necessary parts.