compresion tecniques in mixing musicMain Kinds of Compressors

It’s worth keeping in mind that compression in mixing is more than just a “mathematical” reduction of audio dynamics. Depending on the producer and the kind, devices can have much faster or slower attack and release according to declared values. They can also add the coloration to the sound with an emphasis on various frequency ranges. That is why every mixing and mastering dubstep is equipped with a great variety of gear to solve specific creative tasks. Let’s consider the best-known kinds of compressors and their distinguishing features made them widely used at professional mixing mastering music with compression.

Tube compressor

These devices were practically at the dawn of the science of audio mixing. Thanks to circuit technology tube compressors have slower attack and release as well as evidently expressed audio saturation. In the whole these nuances give the sound clearly expressed vintage character which has been popular up to now.

mix and mastering services with compressionOptical compressor

It is based on “light emitter-optical cell” pair. It causes a slow respond of the device to level changes and characteristic softness of the work. Thanks to it engineers use them to process vocals, bass and an electric guitar. They also give an interesting effect during kick drum mixing with compression.

FET compressor

The name of this kind is deciphered as Field Effect Transistor. Perhaps, their best-known representative is a classical model 1176 and its multiple clones widely used in music mixing mastering services due to the speed of the response and distinctive coloration.

VCA compressor

Thanks to a lower price and lack of evident sound coloration, which both optic and tube devices have, Voltage Controlled Amplifier compressors are also popular with many audiostudios.